Magento Category = Mess

How can a theme that was last updated in 2013 be trending with a total of 31 sales? It’s an absolute joke.

Also what is with this message board, absolutely horrible useability.

Hi @Luke86 - depending on what you’re looking for, the Best Rated or Top Selling filters may be more useful - e.g.

Sales and Ratings are much more transparent criteria - the current Trending algorithm takes into account factors like traffic to that item page, to help surface items that are bringing in a lot of visitors to the marketplace.

Just seems wrong that your pushing themes that are out of date from authors who aren’t updating them and basically cut support.

Trending items should really be new and upcoming themes that are receiving updates, an active author and plenty of sales. Currently your system just ranks everyone out of sales, even if the author isn’t updating or supporting the theme.

One of the most popular Magento themes (top 5 for sales) has an author who hasn’t updated their work in over 7 months and just ignores comments.

I am simply posting feedback to issues I encounter as I found no where else to post feedback to Envato.

@Luke86 , you are some what right. The only ‘trending’ filter that works is WordPress. All other categories are ignored. Example Joomla


When you filter by trending in these categories all you get is old themes which are outdated and this can be misleading.

@BenLeong “depending on what you’re looking for, the Best Rated or Top Selling filters may be more useful”
The issue is if the filter is on the dropdown, then it should work as expected. I hope the interviews you are conducting will bring this to light and help fix it.

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