Magazette Theme issues.. Regret to buy this theme

Today I purchased Magaette theme from ThemeForest. I am facing lots of trouble in installing this theme.

I regret now to buy this theme.

Can you please give another theme of same price value?

Your support will be grateful.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to swap themes.

What are the problems you are having?

Have you read the documentation?

Have you contacted the author?

They are a power elite author so the item should be of a very high standard

After installing theme, it is taking all my host RAM to install. and at the end all the attached hookups are failed to install.

No other plugin give so much pain to the webmaster. If they don’t resolve the issues then I wont have any other choice except writing some feedback/review on it.

If your attachments aren’t downloading with the demo data, that’s because you have poor quality cheap hosting. You need to get your host to increase your PHP operational memory, which should be 256MB, whenever we see this error it’s because your webhost it cheating you and giving you only 64MB.


I can offer an Installation service, if you’re interested in: