Madza import doesn't work

Hi community,
has anybody an idea how I could contact the author of this theme:

I already tried to write him because I urgently need advice about the madza import of the demo data. And of course no one is answering.
I’m a bit angry, because they advertise their great support, so I said ok, let’s buy the theme, but actually no one is answering my questions…

I would appreciate help!

When did you contact them? Says they aim to reply within 1 business day… is the best link to connect with them

It’s likely that importing demo data is covered in the theme’s documentation also. Wha;s the actual problem you are having?

I wrote to them 2 weeks ago, and again 1 week ago… but: no reply.

I imported the theme, then deleted it because i made a mistake in changing a page and then reinstalled all, but the demo content doesn’t want to appear again…

First time everything worked, second time no demo content anymore… i can click the madza import but the files don’t show up… any idea?
Thanks Susanna