Machine Learning "Generating Black Metal and Math Rock"

Guys, we don’t have much time, make more hits ! :star_struck:

… album was generated with a recurrent neural network* trained on raw audio from the album “Diotima” by Krallice. All titles were generated by a Markov chain. The album cover was created with neural style transfer.

Well, dadabots is interesting. This last year or two I’ve been following a lot of the development within AI composing. Especially Emily Howell (not a person, an AI) and Aiva.

If you want to hear something really advanced when it comes to AI composing you should check out Aiva. Aiva is the only AI that is recognized as a composer by a performance right organization. In this case SECAM. I find it truly interesting. Aiva has released an album called Genesis.

You can


Demn! She’s good

i can imagine in a near future - virtual AI assistants. They understand voice commands, and can learn on them. So everybody will have unique assistant, based on personal prefers.
Something like
Ooookey Aiva. Lets open our yesterday “Epic Space”. Take drums on 30th second and merge them with drums from “Epic Fly”. Goooooood
Now lets add some melodic parts, like main melody in “new stuff”, buuuuuuut, more minor