Macbook Pro 15" for web design ( working without mouse ) ?

Hi, I’m wondering about buying the newest Macbook Pro 15" but i’m afraid i won’t be able to work on a laptop without a mouse as so far i only worked on my projects on my 27" monitor and always with a mouse, so basically it would be my first laptop.

So can you guys please tell me how does it feel working on a 15" screen and more important how do you manage designing your websites without a mouse ? Should i also buy a usb/bluetooth mouse for it or the MBP trackpad is the way to go ?

Thank you!

I am using only laptops for last 10+ years but always with external monitor (fullHD) and of course external mouse and keyboard. And if I need to be out of home for couple of days, than I take only the laptop and only in this case I am working directly on laptop (answering mails, giving support, etc…) but never creating a new themes because it is almost impossibly (for me) without mouse and big monitor.

Don’t even try to work on 15" without mouse.

And first I have start with big laptops, 15" - 17", now I am using only smaller 13".

I am working on 15" MacBook Pro without mouse and I have no issues. But this is obviously VERY subjective, you may get use to it or you may not. However, I do not design, only code. Designing just using the touchpad probably won’t be very comfortable.
But what holds you from using a mouse and even plug in into an external screen if you feel you will need it?

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Yeah, just get a mouse and you’re good to go.

It hard to design without mouse, you should buy a mouse