Mac or PC?


Hey folks, I am about to update my main recording station and I’ve been thinking for a long time to change my PC set up to a Mac station. ( I work mainly with Ableton and would like to try out Logic Pro ) . I’d like to ask you for your advice. Are you working on PC or a Mac? Has anyone made the switch in the past and I was your experience? What’s your station and what are the benefits of your OS choice? I know this kind of discussion can get heated sometimes(PC vs MAC oldschool war), but I really want to be sure of my decision before making the switch . Let’s discuss technology!

Edit : I want to try out logic pro, not FL studio


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Thanks for your reply, there is good information in your tread but it seems to be focusing on visual working stations more than audio recording stations. I’m looking to get advices about PC to Mac switch for an audio recording and production station !


Equally good and bad music is produced on both platforms every day, but all the cool people use Macs. Of course if you want to get into FL Windows is the way to go…


Damn, I meant I want to use logic pro, not FL studio . I I’ve no idea why I am always mixing those two …


Ah, well then the choice is easy.

One of the advantages of the PC platform is that you can build a real monster with multiple SSDs etc. for a lot cheaper if you intend on producing lots of Kontakt heavy music.

But Macs are infinitely nicer to use on a daily basis. :grinning:


I would say go with PC for your needs. Build a custom one tho as @prestashopthemes stated. Just my two cents.


You’re going to have a hard job using Logic Pro X on a PC.


Indeed! But is it worth the switch?


I think there is nothing to debate about this, and it is useless and time consuming to (better of making music). Both have their pros and cons, the important thing is to put things in balance and discover what suits your needs best .

My purely subjective and personal opinion : I wouldn’t change for a MC . The reason being is that you can build a monster performance system for a lot less money , and it is way easier to maintain a PC than a MC .
But these are my 2 cents .

I hope you find what you need.


I’ve been debating the same thing for a while, but I use both now. If it’s a laptop you want then Macbook Pro is the way forward rather than a windows Laptop IMO. The stability and durability of the Mac is more reliable. I’m sure you know that you can get a lot more higher specs for money when building a desktop PC which is what I sometimes use in my studio… Either way if you want to use Logic and Ableton then it’s a no brainer to use mac rather a PC.


Thanks for sharing guys, for those were wondering I am planning to buy a mobile station. I need to be able to move with efficiency with my rig. This is why I’m thinking about switching to Mac because the option to build my own desktop is out of the table, and the PC versus Mac laptops are not that far apart within their price range vs performance. So if I have a move to make, that would be a great time . Not sure if it is really what I need though , I still have to figure that out ! Please continue sharing if you like, the more advice the better!


For mobility I have most of my stuff in a rack —> I have a rack PC , this way I just close my rack-box , and my studio is on stage or transported to wherever I need to record :smiley:


I’m a mac guy and wouldn’t have it any other way. I use Logic X and I’m very happy with it. I’ve scored feature films, documentaries, commercials over the years and the Mac handles it all with ease. Yes it’s cheaper to build a pc but how often is the cheaper route the best way to go with gear? The overall experience on Mac is superior.

Given how much of my life is spent in front of the computer, I think it’s worth the extra expense. Good luck.


Mac is the best. In all directions. My opinion and suggestion. Good Luck ! :slight_smile:


both systems are good, only PC is more expandable, and cheap, but know and I have friends who use mac, mac fail like the pc, I give great advice from experience, not use internet your work machine, and see how it improves performance :wink:


Mac + Logic X, no doubt.
Windows is like a dead man for us, don’t even want to see it from far away :smile:


If you go with a new Macbook Pro, don’t forget it has only 1 USB-C port, so you’ll need cables and hubs to plug all your audio peripherals. It goes fast: USB licenser key, audio interface, external drive, MIDI controller and so on… I don’t say there’s no connectivity problems with PC laptop, it’s just something to consider when going “mobile”.


I would like to add a couple things from a developers perspective:

I’ll always lean towards PC on the plugin front, because more people develop VST than they do AU or AAX/RTAS. You have to actually apply to Avid to get their Protools SDK…my personal experience with that is they never got back to me.
I’ll always lean towards PC on the operating system front, because OS X updates (which are numerous and frequent) are pretty bad at breaking things like the Cocoa API, and sometimes hardware, whereas Windows hardly changes between iterations - in other words MORE BACKWARDS/FORWARDS COMPATIBLE. Going back to plugin formats, VST has been around for decades, mostly unchanged, and Apple occasionally redoes Audio Units - again, less backwards/forwards compatibility.
I’ll always lean towards PC in terms of price, because MACS are generally more expensive for the same amount of performance (you are paying more for a brand.)
I’ll always lean towards PC for ease of upgrade.

As far as VST/ASIO vs AU/Core AUDIO, Mac seems slightly more stable, but I have seen Logic Crash plenty of times.

I think with Mac you are really paying extra for the “feeling” that it’s better, but I think really you are more at the mercy of Apple and a handful of Apple approved developers. A couple decades ago, Mac and Protools was the STANDARD for recording and tracking, because nothing else could do it as well. Now, everything works just as good.

One PRO TIP I can give you if you do buy a Mac…make sure to install OS X updates on different hard drive partitions, because otherwise something will inevitably get broken by an OS X update and you will either have to re-install an older version of OS X (sometimes a challenge itself) or be SOOL.