LUTs Package Correct Caterory for Envato Elements?

My LUTs Package was rejected but I am not here to complain about that.

This was the feedback from our review team: “Since LUT files are not video templates, they should be submitted to the most appropriate Add-Ons category”.

I am really confused because there are a lot of LUTs packages to the Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and Apple Motion Templates. I uploaded it to the Premiere Pro Category because I included a Premiere Pro Project file too.

Additionally I created this package for Envato Elements but I wouldnt be able to submit it, if it was uploaded to the AddsOn category. Items in Add-Ons Category cant be submited to Envato Elements.

Edit: There are 4 pages of LUTs in the Video Template category on Envato Elements… Maybe it was a bad idea anyway :joy: :joy: