Lumise Activation Code Causes Error

Hi. I have purchased Lumise for my website. The plugin is installed and working, but it says I need to verify my purchase. The problem is when I enter the correct license activation code the page just gives an error (“An Error Occured”). I made sure I am entering the correct code. If I enter an wrong code I get a different error than this. I opened a support ticket, but does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Unfortunately, I can’t view any of my customer’s purchased designs until this license verification is fixed. Thanks.

Just wait for the support ( author, not Envato ) to resolve the problem for you.

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Ok thanks. I didn’t realize Envato wasn’t the author. I’m very new to wordpress and plugins. Sorry

Hi @truthfriend7,

There’s nothing to be sorry for! It’s all one big maze out there, and everyone has to start somewhere.

Envato is just a marketplace. Each plugin sold on that marketplace is uploaded by an individual developer, who we call “authors”, and they are the ones who must help you with any problems like this.

First and foremost, follow these instructions to obtain the purchase code:

Even if you’re certain that you were entering the correct code, sometimes your browser will sneak some spaces around the code when you paste it in. This can cause it to not work, so please check to make sure that’s not happening either.

If all else fails, do make sure to contact the author using the “support” tab on the plugin’s marketplace page: