LP Locations Element Image Gallery Bug

I want 33 location images to display in a gallery on my home page. I’ve created the locations in ListingPro & inserted images. Using LP Locations Element, the front end editor displays the images as required, but the home page displays the images in a single row carousel (see screenshots). How can I make the images display as they do in the front end editor?

I contacted Wpbakery & got this response:

"The LP location element is not our standard element. It is most likely added by your theme author to enhance the theme functionality or is coming from a third party add-on. You can check our standard elements/features by creating an online demo here: Try WPBakery Page Builder for FREE

We would suggest you to get in touch with the respective author, so he can guide you with the same.


This is not a technical support issue, I followed the instructional video & there is a bug in the application, so I should not have to pay for support.