Lowering the price of the item.

Hi guys, do you know how can I ask envato team about lowering the price of one of my items. I think that the price is too high, personally I would set it for $17 or $22 maximum. This item is on the market for couple of days and now it has 0 sales, so I’m afraid that with this price it will stay like this forever. Here is the item:

Thanks in advance for your help.Regards, Marcin Klosowski

You’ve done an amazing job!
I think you just have to be a little more patient.
Maybe it will start selling in a few days or a week.Personaly I see no reason for lowering the price.
Your work is not a milk that has short expiraton term and got 50% of discount :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, I know what you mean I’m just comparing my item to the other items in this category and trailers like this are priced $22 even couple of seconds longer than mine, but you’re right I need to be more patient. Regards

don’t lower the price thats the correct price for your work I think it deserves the price :slight_smile:
it does not matter how much if it is good then it will get sales for sure :slight_smile:
beside reviewer liked your project thats why he is given 22$ for it