lower third template rejected

With all due respect, I don’t think it has the same quality, maybe near it but not exactly there - the timing seem faster, but not in a good way, in a rushed/mashed together way. And overall it looks a bit “off”.

The title where it reveals in small peaces. I mean its a cool idea maybe, but the way its done im not sure. Animates way too long, can’t read anything while its animating, and overall looks just like separate frames playing back very slowly - nothing fancy that would wow clients or would stand out in this market.

Also, the presentation video itself is confusing and just screams - I either don’t know or forgot to use design basics. Overlapping that big stroked black text on top of titles animations in the very beginning - looks ugly and jarring. Titles should each have enough space to be showcased properly. Also what’s with the flashing icons in the middle? You should gracefully lead viewers/clients attention from one thing to another. Not just show everything at once, add flashing icons and expect for the best.

It seems that you tried to reference some good works without understanding the underlying animation, timing, attention and design principles. Or maybe you understand, just this project was your “bad day”. Who knows.

I would suggest to study those mentioned basics first, then take your time to make really nice animations with easing, that aren’t too fast. Make a cohesive collection of a fewer titles, rather than 4 packs executed poorly. And make a clean preview - show things one at a time, don’t overlap anything, choose nice matching colours, clean backgrounds - for starting. The rest you will understand with by learning design, animation and practicing.

And lastly, best of luck on improving! :smiley:


before to make the best template i would first to be accepted on envato and understant why, if you can put words on your feeling that mine is bad i will agree.

ok, thanks for your constructive answer.

Can someone explain to me what is this about :innocent:? i did not understand