Low sale in year end?


Hi friends,
Is the sale go down in every year end? Except Christmas items.
I see my sale has stopped now.


Past 2 years sales have been great in December so not sure what changed this year around but sales are almost dead for me since the 7th of December. It’s got little to nothing to do with the holidays and Christmas for sure. Keeping tabs on my competition and they are selling just fine as well.

Considering alternate marketplaces myself from next year onwards as it’s almost impossible to work in an unpredictable environment.

Hope your sales improve mate!


Thank you brother. I appreciate your comment. God bless us. Hope you have a great business next year. Cheers


Same here after sunday everything wenr dark sales.are down 55% :frowning:


OK so let’s Year End party now. :christmas_tree::tada: .
Hope we have a next year with better sale. Cheers.


A little bit slower than expected, better then other months. :slight_smile:


My sale stop now. But anyway, Cheers for year end. and Happy new year.


Yeah, the same. Sales stopped 4 days ago., hoping it`s not for a long time…


Almost scared by the slowness however I expect Envato do magic once again for us~


Drop here too last 2 days almost dry!!!