Low rating because of rejected customization

A couple of days ago I received 2 stars rating from a buyer on our new theme to whom we rejected to make a JS customization for removing the autoplay function of the Hero Video shortcode.

We are always helping clients when they need small CSS tweaks but when it comes to JS/PHP changes, we suggest them contacting a freelancer as they often broke the themes or make the changes directly to the parent one and after update they lose them.

Although we copied him the text from the support tab:

However, item support does not include:
- Customization services
- Installation services

…and explained to him that we still help with small tweaks, he doesn’t want to listen.

The interesting part is that after contacting Envato, we received the following answer:

“I have looked over the review provided by your buyer and believe the feedback is relevant to the buyer’s experience and is within our community guidelines.”

Since when low star rating is relevant when we as authors don’t provide customizations? Yes of course, if it’s a small tweak that costs 1-2 minutes I don’t see anything wrong with that but if I have to explain to the client far and wide what to do se he doesn’t make anything wrong, I see. By Envato rules support only covers bugs and problems using theme features, right?

We have to feel **obligated **to provide customizations because Envato doesn’t stay by us in a moment like these. It’s like we are told “Well man, you should have made him that customization, y’know. You don’t have to but well, uou see he had bad experience so his rating is relevant. Deal with it.”.

What is the point of rules when a client can always make us obey because of the fear of low rating?

This is just canned response… and i am afraid that customers are allowed to rate whatever they like, it’s their money after all and their own opinion.

My advice is to stop worrying about this, it simply does not worth it.

Welcome to the club! :slight_smile:

Just ignore it and keep doing your stuff as best as you can. There will always be someone like this and you can do nothing about it.

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Envato has terrible customer and author support on both ends, so don’t expect anything from them. Your rating - your problem.

Don’t fear the low rating - you’ll get 1-star ratings even if you say yes to everything every time. Someone will rate you 1-star for not having enough features, someone else for having too much of them. And if you have a perfect amount of features - you’ll have a 1-star rating for that as well, because nobody should have perfect amount of features. :smile:


hi, this proves once again that this system has no legitimacy at all and that this is even used sometimes as a way to pressurize authors. Besides it could have been good if it had been fair in all circumstances but people have proven that this is not a fair system to evaluate an author or the quality of a product in the end as some people rate badly with no real reason and hurt some guys’ ratings (not to mention that unhappy people are always coming more easily to rate that the satisfied ones who do not always take time to come and rate …) until they are not a reflection of their know how and the quality of their products …

Now I’m just waiting for the low ratings to start raining when we say to clients “Your support has expired.” when it doesn’t concern bugs with the theme.

Wonderful days :grinning:

  1. Pay 6 months support only.
  2. Threaten with low rating.
  3. Profit