Low Poly and 3D Assets download


Hello :slight_smile:

In elements there are a bunch of 3D graphics (especially the low poly stuff) that would be a lot of fun to play with in their 3D form (in games), but the download links provided don’t allow for that kind of download.

Why is this? Could we maybe get a download link to the 3D file?



you can check here:
graphics and
3D graphic and
3D Low Poly

Just click the download Icon (you will see in each Item besides the Title). If you didn’t subscribe you will get a popup for creating account. Hope this will help you.



I am subscribed. But you misunderstand…

If you are subbed look at this link: https://elements.envato.com/low-poly-pegasus-8ZWARA

It only allows you to turn and take pictures, you can’t actually download the 3D asset… Which makes 3D assets all but pointless for game devs like me.


Hi, sorry for that. I am not familiar with 3d. Is there any software issues to run the file! may be an expert from forum community can help you. Thanks