low earnings on sale

6$ sale. net earnings $1.72. which is 28 % of the price and im exclusive author. thanx envato
my earnings/my money, should of been $3 which is £2.09 and you tax me 28% on that. if Goverments adopted your tax policies. there would be many homeless and people dying of hunger. there is a threshold that should be reached be for you greedily tax. good luck though,

A 28% tax sounds like you may have not completed the required TAX documentation. Was this submitted?

no, because i just don’t earn enough here to bother. last years earning works out at like 25$ a month, which is £17 a month / 4£ a week and even if i did the tax thing, if that was a USA sale it would of been even lower net earnings. you cant tell me something just isnt right with the new tax

hi buddy, wel i do understand what is the point , but let’s face it, u should fulfill the w8 form, after asking for a ITIN or EIN because let’s face it, unless u do, your already small earnings will get even more pitiful and your work will not be rewarded as it should be … . Let’s face it, even if u don’t want to do for here because u don’t earn much , u may need one in most of other places , so u should just ask for this and get rid of that too heavy burden that u have at this time, getting 30% less income as people already have that just means that they are not making any money at all, try to thin about it , even if this is hugely boring, thats’ worth the drive going through the process all the same …

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If you fill in a W8… at the worst, you’ll at least not have any taxes withheld on non-US sales. At best, you’ll get a reduction on the withholding from US sales. Seems worth the bother to me.

This is a government tax policy.

yes Scott, this is already a good news indeed …

Thanx for your polite replies but @SpaceStockFootage "This is a government tax policy."
No goverment in the world would tax someone 30 % if there income was £4 a week ;). for me its tax evasion by envato or unloading there tax burden on us. also i still think it isnt worth the effort to fill out the tax 1. im not uploading no more and therefore my profile isnt going to grow and 2. even if i fill out the tax, the tax from USA buyers would paradoxically be greater. 30% from 28%. i just find it very insulting the way graphicriver treats us. i was doing this for fun not for money and it just isnt fun no more

The US government would, and they are.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is right or wrong, just that this is a US government initiative that Envato have to follow if they want to operate in the US. Whether they needed to move to the US, and whether they need to count the item price as are earnings, are debatable… but whether they have to abide by US tax laws now they’re in the land of the free and the home of the brave isn’t really open for discussion.

Hold on. You put £4 rather than $4. Are you in the UK? Spend less than five minutes completing the W8 and you’ll have the grand total of 0% withheld on all your sales. There’s no better way to protest US royalty withholding tax, by not paying any… but legally.

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haha yes just fill in the form and your 30% will drop to 0%

ok, i hear you all, thanx for all your remarks.
I’m still not going to bother but if i decide one day to start uploading again, which is very unlikely at this stage.
I will do the tax thing. ps: @SpaceStockFootage Yes i am from the UK