Love Template but its in Wp need it converted to HTML

Hey there, I have fallen in love with the template:
However its a WP site and I contacted the seller and he has no plans to convert to html… What do I do about this… is it easy to convert… How much would something like that cost?

Open to ideas…even another template if it is close to the same concept.


You need to purchase the WordPress version and hire a developer to convert it to HTML… contact me I can do the HTML work… :slightly_smiling:


I have purchased it already… Roughly, what does something like this cost to get it converted? :slight_smile:

contact me on my email… markabucayon[at]gmail[dot]com

Contact us through our profile page form and i will send you quote for converting this theme to HTML. Thanks

Contact me via email:[@]

I can convert html template within a day :wink: