Louder without clipping

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed that many of my track (uploaded / not uploaded) can easily be drowned out by many of the popular tracks on AJ.

I’m just wondering, is there a certain plugin or program that you use to make your tracks louder without clipping?

I know that compression / eq can balance out the highs / lows.

Most of my tracks’ Output = 0.0db (give or take 0.5db) and I normalize them when bouncing them out.

But still…it doesn’t get any louder without sacrificing quality and/or clipping.

Any suggestions?


Loudness comes beyond the RMS or Peak level.It’s sort of psychoacoustic effect.
To achieve sense of loudness the mixing stage must be done correctly.
If you would mixdown your pre master mix and then normalize it to 0 db.You could visually see what are the difference between RMS and Peaks.And what instruments are creating that peaks.
And then you should think how make that peaks lower in level without losing the percieved loudness :slight_smile:
Limiter on master won’t do the thing.It will just create distortion and kill all the dynamics in music.

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I get what you’re saying @NeroMusicUa but I’m more of a visual learner. I think I could grasp this better with just a brief example.

Is it possible for you to demonstrate this with just a tracks? Or do you know of any mixing tutorials that are easy to follow along and apply this technique?

I would really appreciate it.

The good program for such occupations Adobe Audition 1.5… try to experiment in it… there everything easy and simply :writing_hand: :yum: :upside_down: :v:

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I’m using LPX right now. Is there anything Audition can do that Logic can’t?

It’s first that come in mind.If you take some time you would find many other similar tutorials :slight_smile:


in Russian the translation is?:yum: :upside_down: :v: + - ???

It’s all about compression and saturation :slight_smile:
Using it with mind will do the thing :slight_smile:


Well it is clear! :upside_down: :grinning:

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Another great tutorial


Thank’s you very much my friend :eyes: :ghost: :+1: :v:

Perfect! Thanks so much :smile:

In some moments he sounds like H.Zimmer :smiley: Thanks !

Parallel compression (upward compression technique) might be one you can try working in. If you really want to get a handle on loudness, I highly recommend the book “Mastering Audio: The Art and Science” by Bob Katz.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Elite authors hate him!

Loudness it’s not that big secret in 2017 :slight_smile:
Personally I hate this loud wars.I prefer my mixes to have dynamics and depth,but market has it own rules.
Listen to music of authors like SkyProductions.If RMS in their tracks were 2-3 db quieter their tracks could sound even much more awesome.
I’m 100% sure that 99% of all tracks here on AJ sound better on Pre-Master stage without aggressive limiting.

@NeroMusicUa, I’m going to reply here to avoid spamming the most important thread of this forum.

The information linked by you was completely new to many beginners on AJ including me and I’m very grateful for that. I couldn’t have thought in million years that after saturation, sound signal is perceived so much louder and the fact that it can be used not just to increase the overall perceived sound level but also make the mix sound fatter, denser and richer is just amazing to me. I’ve struggled in the mastering stage to lower the drum peaks without losing the power and grit but couldn’t do it, now I know saturation is the perfect tool for it. It’s like a missing piece of the puzzle. So, thanks once again!

That being said, I get your point and probably you’re right. Care to elaborate about the 1% of the tracks on AJ that sound equally good or even better after mastering stage? How do you think one should fall in that small category of authors? And maybe over-compressing tracks is actually a good idea for this market?

Raising RMS to produce a more commercial sound is important however:
a) There are a number tracks on AJ that in my opinion are not mixed well enough even before turning the Loudness button to 11.
b) I have heard too many tracks that have been put through the Loudness plugin and consequently distort.
c) Broadcasters use a really stiff limiter and so tracks that have already been over-limited will sound…oh dear.

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Its very easy. You should use in this case limiter (fab filter pro L or something other from that), after that paste it in the end of master and raise the handle of the gain in the limiter. Also you should keep in mind what if in your track very many low Frequencies, you cannot to do your track the same loud as commercial or pop track.

I’m not that good.I’m not the one who is doing those tutorials :slight_smile:
But I think that over-compressing is always a bad thing.
Compression,EQ,Saturator etc is all just tools to do the job,First of all it’s important to undesrtand how all these works and only then use it if the sound is somewhere wrong from your point of view.