Lost music

Hi everyone!

I’m really in trouble. I had used a preview sample from Audiojungle for a film. It worked perfectly and the client loved it. When I went back to buy it had been taken down from the store!

I’ve spent loads of time trying to find a substitute, but the client wants the original one.

Does anyone have an idea about how to find this song and/or composer?

Composer: Dakotafresh
Song: 17812013_happy-acoustic_by_dakotafresh_preview

Tags: Country, guitar, finger picking


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Let me help you with that. Dakotafresh used stolen music. Was it this track?

DF slowed it down, but that is the original. If you need it the exact tempo slowed down, it’s easy to do and I can do it for you if you need help.

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Thank you so much for reaching out and helping!! I really, really appreciate it!

How impudent of DF! Can’t believe he/they did that!

If you know how to speed it down I would love to know how. I have Adobe Audition. If it’s in other software I would be happy to pay you to help me with it.

I’m buying the track right away.

Thank you so much!

No worries. E-mail me through the link in my portfolio and I can help you out further. It’s definitely possible to do in Audition but if you need help I’ll do it for you. Most audio programs can handle it. I’ll be back in my studio in about 2 hours and can take care of it quickly then and match the preview you already have exactly. Don’t worry about payment, it’s a quick little fix.

You’re too kind!
I just tried to do it myself in Audition, but I get some odd artefacts. I’ll send you an email.