Lost GMail password

Hello, Envato!

I face one of the most horrible situation ever. I’ve forgot my password to my GMail account like… 4 times in 2017 (stress, long story) and now I’m trying to recover it, but GMail has one of the :slight_smile: … most complexe and at the same time stupid password recovery systems, following the steps: password that I remember, SMS verification code (phone, worked, phone number linked to account for recovery), answer when I created my account, add an email address, get a new code, write additional message for a password recovery request that can take about 3-5 business days. Unfortunately, after 2 requests where I highlighted the fact that I can prove that my account belongs to me, even more that I use this account for my Android phone, they rejected my requests (i quote, “yet”). Funny fact: I received on the lost account an email where I had to say if I asked for such a request or not, where of course I obviously did that.

Is there any other way to contact them? Hope than another than calling at customer service. In the request I said that I can prove that I am the owner by sending an email from my Gmail address or i don’t know, something based on the fact that I use this account on my phone (like session…).

What’s your advice? And also WHERE IS A HELP TICKET OPTION ON GOOGLE ::::::slight_smile: Their last advice was “consider creating a new account” which is like “consider finding a new wife”…

Kind regards,
Andrew :v:

Sir, unfortunately you are at wrong place, please visit to the google forums. You can read old threads there or create a new one. In this forum there no representative from the Google.