Lost contributor

Hi everybody,
i´ve got a massive problem.
Downloaded a preview of this:
Did the edit and the customer bought it and now i want to buy and download the original to master it but the track id offline and so is the contributor:
Can anybody help me with this?

Sorry to say, it was likely a stolen track. Brand new contributor - quickly disappeared. Always nice to check if an author has a track record…

If you have the preview file, you could post it on SoundCloud and maybe someone will recognize it.

Logo stolen from logo contest for completely different company: https://www.freelancer.com/contest/LOGO-LM-Design-859254-byentry-10593540

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Oh my…
Thank you.
I´ll try that.

Didi not work out. Contacted envato support but nobidy is answering. Do you have an idea how to ge infos about teh contributor?
Got a massive problem here.
Thank you

But you never posted the preview here. What do you mean it didn’t work out? If you have the track with the watermark, post it (or part of it) on SoundCloud and link to it here so we can take a listen.

Regarding info about the contributor, well, LMmusicPro doesn’t exist. 8 results on Google. The only relevant ones from AJ. Stolen logo.

And Envato can’t give out any personal info used to create the account.

I would guess that LMmusicPro is the same person as NLstudio99 - also a profile that was shut down very quickly and a forum post just like yours was opened by another buyer. The tracks even had similar titles.

Sorry about the situation!

I guess you could try with a music recognition software like Shazam and see if it pops up. It’s a long shot, though, and there’s no actual guarantee the original track is available for licensing or its price…

Best of luck!

Hi everybody and thank you very much for your help. With the help of envato´s support team, we managed by now to find out the original track and we are in contact with the agency distributing the rights.

Thanx and best regards

Great that you found a solution!

Out of curiosity, what was the track? If you can’t say the exact track, was it from another stock library like AJ, or was it a standard commercial track?

It would be interesting to know where these guys steal the tracks.


I was wondering the same thing.

Yes it was stolen from an other Library.
Parts of the track were used for an Underworld Trailer. But the Soundfile that this guys offered here, was the same like in the other library.
Thanx again for your support!