>>> Lost all my links to VideoHive projects using my music...PLEASE HELP!

Hi, if you read this and you happen to be using music by @boomopera in your videohive project, first of all, thank you :slight_smile: Second of all, I recently lost all that information so I thought one way to get it back is to reach out to you guys, to whoever reads this… and ask you kindly to help me find you. I want to do it properly this time, with big banners under product description, but first please post bellow all the links to your videos using music by me @boomopera.

Yours sincerely,
Pawel W.

One way to find Videohive items that use your music is to search your username in Videohive. You’ll get all items that have your username in the description.

I’ve just tried searching “boomopera” in Videohive and got 86 results. :slight_smile:

Also you can try your item IDs and/or titles. But with titles you may get inaccurate results especially if you use generic titles for your items.

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Love you bro!! :slight_smile: Thanks, this totally saves the day!

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