Lost access to my company account

Hi, we plan to start selling on codecanyon and I tried to log into the Themkraft account. Themekraft's profile on CodeCanyon

The person how created the account 10 years a go does not work for Themekraft any more. I have tried all email addresses in use. I’m the CEO of Themekraft and would like to know how I can take over the company account?

I have filled out all company information in my account svenl77's profile on CodeCanyon with the email of our domain. You can also write to support@themekraft.com to make sure this is correct.

I did not find a way to contact the envato support directly.

You need to contact support however without access to the original account you may need to create a new separate profile for the business

Envato Author Support

Hi @charlie4282, thank you for your answer. I have contacted the Envato Author Support. Hopefully they can help me with this so that we have the correct company name in the profile URL.