Lost a lot of $$$ What to do about broken themes?

There is a rule here against calling out items, users, and creators so who do I contact when we have a major issue with a creator selling a misleading product?

Long story short: There is a user selling a VERY Broken theme that lost my team and I a LOT of time and money that a refund wouldn’t come close to fixing.

How do I let other potential buyers know of their MAJOR mistakes?

I’m not the only buyer who has this issue with the creator and they are very much aware of it. Unfortunately. there is little to no support from Envato beyond asking the creator for a refund.

Instead of this post I would much rather report or flag their items to envato that are misleading and buggy but don’t see an option for that.

Please open a Help ticket and describe your situation and any error message you may be getting. They will be happy to help.


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Thank you. Appreciate the response. But isn’t that link just to contact the author for a refund?

This is more than a refund. I lost much much more than just the cost of the theme & would rather contact envato, not the theme’s author.

I did, a while ago, contact the authors and explained the error. They realized and acknowledged the mistake and said they were going to patch it.

3 Weeks later when asked if an update was in the works and they responded with “We do not publicly announce updates

Later I discovered through their support comments and ticket forums that these site-breaking errors have been going on from the theme’s creation and are even present on the demo site.

There’s a drop down below the two boxes titled ‘Submit your request’.

Choose ‘Something I have purchased



Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I’m sorry for your troubles…It sucks when this happens…