loss of purchased theme code and update issues

Dear All,

We request your kind advice about our tricky situation: We hired professionals to make us a theme forest template based website development in 2016. We choose the MIKADO ONE theme and actual purchase has been done by the marketing agency, as well as the developments thereafter of the template to reach a more suitable website for our needs.

The website then never became live, as we did not supply the contents to be uploaded at that time. This year, we wished to finally remedy this situation and update the website, as well as have the contents, such as text and pictures uploaded through the admin panel.

However, the admin panel seems non operative and in need of an update, but, in our understanding, can’t be updated along with the Mikado One template for the following reasons:

-as per our understanding of the support service of Mikado, we need to have the original product purchase code, which the marketing agency unfortunately failed to retrieve from their email system; as an alternative
-we might re-purchase the template to have an up-to-date version of it available, however, the marketing agency advised us such update would result in their development work on the website being completely lost.

We understand that from the agency’s point of view, it is always simple to advise us ordering completely new website development, however, we wish to make use, if possible of the existing development with an update. Please advise us how can we do that.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately the agency are right that without the purchase code (which by the way the agency should be prepared to give you if they purchased it for your project) or a new license then access to uploads will be impossible.

They are also right that you would need to know what amends they had made to the core theme and what impact the update would have on these. Simply replacing with an updated version would remove any custom work.

Without knowing the agreement you had or if there was a retainer etc. (If you didn’t then it’s likely that you would have had to employ them or someone else to fix the update without loosing custom work anyhow) It’s hard to advise esp as it was an agreement outside envato.

That said the cost for an agency to update a theme and make sure it all operates as it should, is likely to be considerably cheaper than an entirely new rebuild which sounds unnecessary.