Losing my Audiojungle mojo...


I’ve had three hard rejects in a row… As a gigging musician library music seems like the only productive use of my time at the moment, so this has taken the wind out of my sails a bit.

I would love to hear from more experienced and capable authors to learn why my stuff isn’t up to scratch.

Here is the latest track I had rejected:

If you can find the time to explain what I’m doing wrong I would very much appreciate it.

Many thanks.

Hey there!

First of all, very nice to hear some bluegrass music played by real musicians (or a VERY good job tweaking samples)!

The playing and recording are top notch, but here is what I personally thought I would change:

• The panning of instruments. Right now you have three pan entities, and the sound kind of jumps left and right between the banjo and the lead guitar. This can be a tad bit distracting if used as background music.

I would double the strummed guitar (Hard L & R with a real second take, or by faking it) to have a more modern, wide stereo image, and have the solo instruments sit in the middle.

• The composition. While it’s nice, I would make it a bit more exciting. Raise the tempo a bit, and maybe try to come up with a less improvisational song structure, even though it’s bluegrass. Maybe a more memorable hook lick or a clear chorus section?

Anyway, it’s of course a very nice track, but to make it really commercial, those are the things I would change. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

This track is good for listening purposes.
But doesn’t have the “stock music structure.”
You might want to check the approved tracks in this genre.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

I’m interested in what you say about the panning. In general I’m going for a natural sound stage, with each instrument in its own position. I can hear how that could be ‘distracting’ when two instruments are responding to each other. Perhaps a good rule of thumb might be to only have one instrument playing the melodic theme?

I can hear that it’s too slow… My left hand isn’t very fast so I need to work on my chops!

The hard panned rhythm guitar thing has worked for me here before. I guess I need to work on making my stuff sound contemporary even if it’s bluegrass, folk, gypsy jazz etc.

Thanks again - you’ve been very helpful.

Thanks for your feedback. I have had some tracks that were accepted before that had more normal forms - AABA or ABABCAB. I think this has given me a false impression that these are suitable structures for Audiojungle.

To clarify what you mean by stock music structure, you mean AAAAA, in which a new instrument is added every 8 bars, culminating in a crescendo close to the end?

Do you think this is the ideal Audiojungle structure for all categories? Or in your opinion are there exceptions?

Many thanks