Looks like there's a tiny bit less competition...


Not sure if anyone else sells there, but a certain stock marketplace has just closed their doors today. Went to check the status of some uploads, page was not recognised, so I went to the homepage and there’s a kind of letter to visitors… “sorry it didn’t work out, had a bunch of trouble, never recovered, so long and thanks for all the fish etc” kind of thing.

The letter was slightly lacking in what happens to our money, but hey-ho. Thankfully it wasn’t very much. Not mentioning any names, although it probably doesn’t really matter now. Starts with an ‘R’!


Patent Trolls look harsh…


Yep, not good.


Yep, haven’t been paid by that site in over 9 months, and lost quite a fairly substantial bit of money, which I’ll probably never see. I’m sure there are hundreds of other authors who are in the same boat.

Very sad outcome for all involved.


The Revolver, you honour us with your presence! Yeah, I’m guessing the amount they owe you is slightly higher than the $50 or so they owe me! Hope you mange to get paid, but I’m guessing it’s unlikely at this stage.


Haha oh yes… much, much more than $50 unfortunately. Oh well, the writing has been on the wall for several months now, so I can’t say that I’m completely caught off guard.


hi buddy wat is the site that u are talking about?




Sad for the authors with unfinished business. And sad for all of us in general because we all know that competition equal progress.


You’d like to think so, but for years Revostock has had multiple file formats, pricing options and no reason to zip files, render preview videos, preview images and thumbnails, the ability to edit items in the queue etc etc… and there was no progress on those fronts from VideoHive.


i did not really know about this one indeed, but sad that something wrong happened anyway, i guess that will be an additional blow to some designers and that’s pretty sad


well there goes $4400 down the drain. This just goes to show you ladies and gentlemen don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I wonder if they filed for bankruptcy.


Wow man, so sad to hear that. :sweat:


thanks for that. I keep hearing in other forums people complaining that they were owed $100. I’m like…that’s adorable.


hehehe, a mix of optimism and sarcasm. I d not want to be on your shoes.

Thanks for sharing your story, knowing this kind of experiences helps us to learn. This can happen to anyone.


Flux, sorry to hear. You seem to at least joke about it. Along with these overt injustices, I am also slightly bitter about the shameful rates that most of the players charge their hard working artists. So far I have found little justification.


I think it was a music and video site, so not really a blow to designers. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Clearly a blow to some sellers though. :frowning:


Wow, I was going to ask how much you lost! And to think I was feeling bad about losing $1,600.

The one thing I’ll never understand is, instead of paying the money they owed to their authors, they appeared to sink whatever available funds they did have into things like a new website, and conferences like NAB. I get that they were trying to improve the product and save the company, but had they at least tried to clear their debts before attempting to rebuild their image, perhaps they wouldn’t have so many highly annoyed ex-contributors.

Not to mention the numerous emails about promising to be paid within “60 days”. Looking back on it, it seems like they were just trying to stop people from complaining about payment delays.

I should have pulled my files from that place a year ago. Oh well.


I pulled all my files in August, glad I did I guess. Paying producers should have been a first priority, period. I know for a fact that they indeed were paying people that they knew would make a big stink about $$ at the expense of everyone else because they were worried about their “reputation”. I already made peace with the fact I’ll never see my money, I saw this coming. It was just a matter of time.


It’s a really sad story for the sellers and the company- I haven’t used the site myself but have just been reading an article the owner wrote last year about ‘patent trolls’- first I’d heard about the phenomenon, which reflects my non-tech background I guess! http://www.redsharknews.com/business/item/1673-opinion-the-worst-email-i-have-ever-recieved-the-perils-of-patent-trolls