Looks like someone has found a way to provide free downloads, allowed?

OK, so I don’t get this. I’m looking at an elite author who decided to start selling on their own and move on after the US taxes were announced. Fair enough, so they disable support and announce that they are packing and that selling in this marketplace has become unsustainable for them. Obviously their sales take a hit too, they are now making 5-10 sales a week as opposed to 80-120 a week.

However, apparently the long term plan was as it seems to get people to buy from their shop (a version that is updatable and supported). Nothing wrong with it per se, however, now a year later they’ve dropped the cost of the item to $5 dollars (this means they are making almost nothing, also since they are not exclusive anymore).

In addition, they have now gotten aggressive and this time linking directly to their shops purchase page with the following message: “IF YOU NEED UPDATES AND SUPPORT BUY A COPY FROM HERE”

Is this really allowed? Obviously at $5, nobody cares about the support and people are buying. Now, I do not know how many of these will convert as paying customers for them but being a direct competitor myself, sales have gone down drastically for me and others in that category.

In the meantime, they are now back in the popular list making many sales. From another viewpoint, offering their item for free since they are making almost nothing from the sale.

Should this be allowed? Opened a ticket with support, but no response and it’s been almost 4 days now :thinking:

I’d suggest being patient on he ticket while support check it.

Using envato demos or space linking to third party points of sales etc. is definitely not allowed