Looking web designer to create a Wordpress responsive theme!

Hello! Hope you can help…

I’ve been left in charge of creating a premium website for movies. The web theme should look like Netflix. It will require a private login area that consists simply of a place people can keep their membership. It need to be social media friendly, specifically Facebook where people to login into the website.

Do these exist? I am really struggling to find one.
Many thanks for reading.
Erick K

So, basically the users will be subscribing for a monthly fee to watch all the movies added to the website?

Yes. That is what i am looking for.

I also want the interface and the user experience to be similar to a Netflix (for a example).

If you mean a video on demand type site then you are unlikely to find that exact model on a stock marketplace.

Also if people have to pay to subscribe/use the site then you would need an extended license which will likely be thousands of $ so you may want to consider hiring a freelancer to help build exactly that you need.

Yes, I understood. As charlie said, for building this type of website, you need to buy an extended license which is $2000+. And, you can use a theme from themeforest for such a website. But, the theme wont be having everything you need, you then again need to spend on customizing it. So its better to hire a developer to build it from scratch according to your requirement. I am interested to work on this project. I have sent you a PM, respond there if you interested in collaboration.

Hi Erick,

We can build the movies website you looking for. We´r actually building a website that has almost the same features you´r looking for.

Let me know if you want us to help you with this project?

You can contact me through my Themeforest profile page or through my personal website.


Hope to hear from you soon!



Thanks for your response. I am certainly kind to find out more about you and your skills.

The website theme i would desire to develop will look and perform exactly like spuul.com.

If you can make this project possible, get back in touch.



Hi Erick,

Sure, we can design and develop something better than spuul.com

Please contact me through my website http://www.drawvisuals.com so we can discuss the project in detail.