Looking to partner with a Theme Designer

Hey there,

I’m a UK based freelance developer, looking to step into the world of theme development. I’ve been developing for over 7 years, and have built dozens of WordPress sites directly for clients. You can find my personal website at https://adam-mould.co.uk.

I’m looking for a designer that’s interested in collaborating on some projects. I’d prefer to work with someone else UK based, so our timezones are in sync.

Although this would be my first time exploring theme development, I’ve done a lot of reading and research into ThemeForest submission requirements and understand the level of quality required for acceptance.

Please reach out to me if you would be interested.


PS: My tech stack spans further than WordPress as well. I’m able to develop bespoke web applications using JavaScript/React, and would be open to working on a more niche product that required these type of skills as well.


Hello Adam,

If you need a professional helping hand with client projects, reach out to me. I will be interested to collaborate.

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We can always share and talk a bit about business. Iam a Designer who also codes html templates. Contact me at [email removed by mod] if you want to have a little chat. Iam not UK based but our timezones are synced (Iam UTC+1).

Hi Adam !

I have been offering my services into the field for more than 15+ years. Please reach out / collaborate via email so that we can get started. There are more than 12 dozen themes available at which i have worked and got them approved under my profile and also for my clients and customer.

Please start communication to finalize the details. I am available for a discussion.

Hi mate ,

am looking for partner too ,
have some project ready to go
check them out

if you like what you see , shoot a message
cheers .

Dear @Adam_Mould

My username on themeforest is “shmai”. This is my fortfolio: https://themeforest.net/user/shmai/portfolio

I hope that we can work with each others in a long and last relationship.
Of course, we will share the benefit …If you agree with my suggestion, we can discuss more detailed via skype or email.

My skype is: [removed by mod - only links to Envato profiles please]
My email is: [removed by mod - only links to Envato profiles please]

I hope and looking forward to hear from you.
Best regards