Looking to migrate my woocommerce store to shopify

I’ve been facing some challenges while trying to migrate my WooCommerce store to Shopify, and I’m seeking some advice from the community. The process seems more complex than I initially thought, especially when it comes to transferring product data, customer information, and order history.

I’ve come across a shopify migration agency that claims to make this transition smoother. Has anyone here used it before? I’d appreciate any insights or recommendations regarding this service.

Please try this one!

Just to wish you good luck. I have no idea why this process is such a mess and so complicated. My cousin went through it a couple of months ago and I remember him complaining about all the bumps on the road he encountered. He eventually did hire one of Shopify’s partner agencies to do this, can’t remember which one, but basically he was comparing the prices and the reviews (some were quite expensive).