Looking to expand customer (User) Fields

Hi There,
I am looking for a way to expand the data that we hold of a customer on our wordpress, here is an example:

Say that I am creating a online Technology sales website and I would like to store more information about Customers (Users that are signed up).
Lets say that I want to store their preferred sell phone case color, what type of cover they prefer and also perhaps what type of phone they have.

I know there are options and plugins that will allow me to do this on a product level but I want something that I can add that will expand the information that we hold of the customer like their address, mobile number and now these kinds of fields.

I also would like the customer to see this information but that might not be that fast.

Hope someone might be able to point me in the correct direction…


You can contact me and we can discuss for this what you need.


Also, interested in. Feel free to contact: