Looking to create a website similar to tentipi.com does can anyone recommend a template

Hi Guys,

I don’t know why i haven’t been on here before as I’ve been using theme forest for 5 years (just got my 5 year badge yesterday). I want to set up a website that looks similar to the one mentioned in the header above and wondered if anyone could recommend a theme that would offer similar design/features specifically on WordPress.

The site I’m looking to put together needs the features of eCommerce but does not need a cart or buy now buttons as it is more of a product catalogue than an eCommerce site.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I’m looking forward to being an avid member of the forum.


Hello Andrew,

You will not find out of box solution. You will need some custom code to make all that what you want.

I think you should use plugins than a theme

  1. A website looks similar to tentipi.com
  1. Features of eCommerce

I don’t mean to seem ungrateful of the replies given, but I know of woocommerce and i know about wp bakery. I’m looking for a reply (possibly by a theme creator) of a template that is close to the one i have provided as an example. For example, a similar featured product layout and a similar menu with the logo floating to the side.

ecommerce and wp bakery would be nice, but the point in themes is sake of easy and time saving, if i had to build this from scratch, it would defeat the point in using theme forest.

Does anyone with a theme that is similar in the basics of the provided example interested in me buy a theme license for your work? It could have pictures of a waffle house in it for all I care, but as long as the bones of the website look similar.