Looking to create a site similar to ifly50 can anyone do it or know of a template that is similar?

Hello, I am looking to create a site for my start up company similar to ifly50.com.
Can anyone please direct me to a template that is same/similar
Can anyone create a similar template. If created I am looking for the same look, function, effects and I will then populate with photos, video and text. I just need the structure.
Greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi rm_a

I suspect you will not find a true template for this, but OK not that much of a problem to re-create. If I had content and an idea of what you want to achieve (not in terms of site design but your product/service) a first draft would not take too long approve/adjust/modify etc. till perfect. Then ready to go. If you are interested and would like to discuss further please message me, or contact via my profile page here

I look forward to hearing from you.

If you have the budget for the custom work, you could drop me an email via the contact form below to discuss the details: