Looking to buy back music copyrights that no longer exist.

Hello, about a month ago, I downloaded the demo version of this song “https://audiojungle.net/item/happy/51409343” to edit some clips and send the customer to watch the demo, but after receiving the customer’s approval and I searched again to buy the music copyright but couldn’t find it anymore. I always hope you can support me in buying back the copyright of this song. Looking forward to your help. Besides that, I have no other option. Hope you share your experiences.

Hi! If you upload the preview file you downloaded to soundcloud, drive or anything and share it here, perhaps we can help you find the track.

Message the author and ask if they can help (sign in) HitsLab's profile on AudioJungle message box right hand side

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Oh how lucky you are to respond! I am really happy to receive your answer. Currently I really want to buy the copyright of this song “AUDIO JUNGLE - Google Drive” and actually this song is no longer on the website.

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Mmm… I couldn’t find it. It could have been deleted indeed. You’ll have to reach the author or browse into their portfolio. They have quite a few tracks with the same vibe. Browse Happy Pop in their catalog.

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I really understand but I also really need the digital copyright for this song and I’m also trying to contact the author to find and buy the copyright