Looking Theme with responsive menu in desktop

Hi guys!
I was lookign for a theme with a responsive menu from left. This is my site:
I want a theme with a navbar and menu that feel like this two sites:

A burguer icon in navbar, where i can put more icons like social or phone number.
When i press a burguer icon, then appears a menu fron left, the same as in mobile and desktop.

I`m using search in wordpress template but if i use it “burguer menu” i only find about restaurant themes.
Apologize about my english.
Suggestions using search?

Search CodeCanyon for “off canvas menu” - there should be several plugins that can handle this

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thank you very much charlie!
I `m lookign some plugins doing this. Its awesome thank you!
But all of this use only an icon and after click shows the menu.
Well, i have to search more, because i want to have a main menu with the icon and something more, and after clicks, then appears the other menu.
But thanks, you put me on the correct way to learn more and use this system.
Thank you very much again!

You want -

  • sub menu items?
  • other content in the canvas area as well as the navigation?
  • a totally different navigation once someone has clicked an item in the off canvas list? Does that need to be in the same style or a regular top nav?
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Well. I like the menu in rolex.com
They have:
.- Sub menu items like dots as dividers or social icons
.- Other content like logo or icons
.- Maybe the menu in rolex.com in main navbar is like a different bar really?

Well, i like a main or secondary navbar with burguer icon. logo, and maybe phone number or social icons.
Second navigation menu, using off canvas menu, with the full content of the site, logo corporative, icon social and all of this.

I have found this:
I think i can do it with this plugin really?

Thank you very much Charlie!

There’s a few you could use off CodeCanyon - the sub menu items and icons etc. on Rolex are just styling and CSS rather than anything complex

I strongly suggest checking with the theme and plugin author that you want to use that there will not be any compatibility issues though.

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Thank you very much for all suggest.
I will send a pm to the author of this off canvas menu to check compatibility with my theme.
kind regards! Nice to meet you.