looking someone for testing my item

Hello Everyone,

I have a product online on codecanyon. After 1 year, i decided to remake it from scratch with optimized and cleaned code with some new features. So i am looking someone who can test my product for any bug and come up with also suggestions.

Interesting person can reply to this message or PM me.

Thanks for reading.

Don’t get me wrong but you’re looking for help for free?

no, its not free thats why i mention to PM me so we can discuss,

I might be able to help.
Are you looking for unit testing, end to end testing, or all of the above? I’d send a PM, but I can’t seem to find that feature on Envato. If you can send me a PM go ahead–otherwise hit me up a chase@cwpdev.com.

Glad to help add me on skype: danypauldesigner
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my site www.xalion.org

i already find someone earlier so this position is closed.