Looking solutions for integrate the products in woocommerce.

As I am not familiar with any type of coding. So, I have a doubt. If you don’t mind, Can you please clear my doubt?
I have my own inventory (locally made products) and warehouse in india. I am planning to start a multi vendor woocommerce store. But I want to add more chinese products into my web store from different drop-shippers such as AliExpress, Banggood, DealEtream, etc. Meantime I want to allow the local vendors to sell their products through my store. I want to arrange and integrate the products into the respective category which I created earlier. But when customers click a particular category they should see the all that particular category products together (mine, drop-shipper’s & local vendors). And if they give any order for any products which is not in my warehouse I want to redirect that order to the particular drop-shipper.

  1. Is it possible with any plugin to add or integrate my own products inventory with different dropshipper’s inventory into my woocommerce multi vendor website?

  2. If not any plugins, is there any custom options for solve this issue?

Thanks & Regards!