Looking for your advice with hard reject

Hello, friends!

I am do not often ask for something but now I am a little bit confused and looking for your help in order to improve myself! Could you tell me why could I get a hard reject with this track!

Thank you!

Chord transitions are a little bit weird till the chorus part. That must be the reason for rejection.

Укулеля громко и не ровно, ломает очень :expressionless: ну и синкопированный ритм если применять - должно соответствовать идее и с остальными инструментами попадать

Ukulele loud and not exactly breaks very :expressionless: Well, syncopated rhythm if applied - must comply with the idea and with the other instruments

Спасибо! Действительно, проблема скорей всего в этом!
Thank you!

Not enough dynamics in your sound (the volume is always the same all track long). it sounds like you have too much limiting/compression on the mix. Too much instruments on the center or near the center. You need your instruments too get all their own peak/place in the spectrum because it sounds muddy and confusing a bit. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I would definitely check it in next tracks! Thank you! :smiley: