Looking for WP developer

I need to create a website in WordPress which allow people who use private transport to travel they may share their information so as other people who go to the same location can request to join in the same car.

The user/private car driver will have the access to enter the following information

  1. The present location
  2. Where he/she is going
  3. Travel date and time
  4. Number of free sit in a car
  5. Car picture
  6. Phone Number
  7. Short description

Then these information will be saved as private one hour after travel time

Also in the side of the one who want to join in the car will have the access to

  1. register an account
  2. To view the information published by the private car driver
  3. To click JOIN and to add his/her phone number then the request will be sent as notification to the publisher dashboard as (user with phone number xxxxxx want to join the travel)
    Then the publisher of the advert will reach the customer via phone.


This is Envato Freelancer platform that called Envato Studio there you will find your expected developer.


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