Looking for WP Developer - PSD Template Approved

Hi, like the title said, I’m looking for a partnership with a WordPress developer in order to convert this approved PSD template: https://themeforest.net/item/atlantida-creative-multipurpose-psd-template/16343974 into a WordPress Theme.

Info - This is just the PSD Template, but the HTML version of this template was approved too. My older partner couldn’t take care of it anymore, so we had to remove it. It had something around 15 sales in 6 weeks or so without any kind of promoting.
The new partnership means, you receive HTML files of this template and you have to convert it into a WordPress Theme.

If you’re interested, leave a reply or send me a message and we will discuss in details!

No offense but - the item has sold only two copies in ~1 year
Coding the theme to HTML and converting to WordPress will take a lot of time. Considering the sales, I’m pretty sure no one would be interested in “partnership” but if you’re looking for a paid job, I can help you

Well, first of all, the PSD Template wasn’t promoted at all. Secondly, the HTML Template was approved too, but we had to remove it because my older partner couldn’t take care of anymore. It had something around 15 sales in 6 weeks or so without promoting.
I didn’t want to tell it here, I wanted to speak about it privately, but my new “partner” will receive the HTML files and will need to convert these into a WordPress Theme.

LE. Added this information on the main post!