Looking For - Worpress Video Gallery

Hi there, can someone please point me in the right direction. I am looking for a Wordpress video gallery plugin that will allow me display self/server hosted videos. Must be able to add custom tiles/thumbnails, add custom descriptions to the thumbnails aswell as have a pop-up window function.



This should be it

Hi. Its kind-off what I am looking for. Struggling to load the “wall page” http://zoomthe.me/themedemo-dzsvg/video-gallery-wall/?dzsvg_settings_separation_paged=1

Plugin seems outdated?

if you want us to create a new one for you then we can also do it from scratch as per your requirements. Please discuss more via email

Thank You

Thanks for the offer but I am looking for something that works “out the box”

We update it every week. It’s not outdated.


Try now

It was a caching issue because we reworked wall mode

PS: Clear browser cache if any issues

Ok that could work. If a.) I can add captions to the center of the thumbnail b.) Zoom effect on thumbnail. c.) Remove shadow effect on border.

1 & 2 . you mean something like this ? https://creativewpthemes.net/main-demo-dev/portfolio-stack-3/

  1. easy css modification