Looking for Work - Designer


Lately I have a lot of free time and I’m looking for work!

I’ve been doing Web Design for 8 years for now, worked on some huge companies website designs. I’ve also got into Illustrations for 2 years. I’m actually not having a portfolio. Just got an invitation on Dribbble and I think I will upload my work there as soon as possible.

I’m a perfectionist myself, so I will always:

  • Make everything pixel-perfect.
  • Make sure everything is well-organized.
  • I’m also working with well-structured layers / groups.

So everything will be professional done in terms of design.

  • I’m able to work up to 8 hours a day.
  • I’m able to understand / speak fluent english.
  • I’m able to work with a deadline schedule.

I can come up with solutions for any kind of web-design related problems.

I will make sure to add a Dribbble link as soon as I will get my Dribbble page done, til then the only thing I can show-off for now is the http://activtrak.com/ design, which was done in 2013, and https://cozyhelp.com/ design which was done in 2014.

Thanks a lot for reading, if you are interested, you can contact me via following:



Thanks a lot for the feedback, Numina! I’m glad you’re satisfied! :slightly_smiling:

contact me on skype moshin_288

Please share your Dribble as soon you will have portfolio uploaded on it.

Why you are not responding to me, I have paid you upfront and now you are gone :frowning:

I expect you to be professional and answer me on skype or here