(Looking for) Wordpress Theme with a Gridder

Hey guys,

I’m searching for a Theme, which allows me to drag and drop elements on a row and column based grid, but all are to complicated to use. I’m searching for a solution exactly like http://laytheme.com, but with a BLOG function! Lay Theme does not support a simple BLOG function. I want to design everything by myself.

What I need:

  • a drag and drop grid
  • a simple webfont integration

Please help!

And latter when you build such site it will be very slow because most of this builders are leave lots of “junk” code and site is very slow.
In your case is the best to pay someone who will make site by your specifications.

That is a false statment.
Builders are been used from 45% of the total web ( not only WordPress builders, general. )
Look for Elementor, Beaver Builder they are amazing fast and really good.

Hi, you may use the laygridder plugin which comes from the same developper.

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