Looking for Wordpress theme to make a site like www.eworldtrade.com/

I want to make a Wordpress site for import and export companies. I want to ensure that importers enter their purchase demands free of charge and exporters see these demands as paid and contact them. In summary, the buyer should be able to enter his request free of charge, and the seller should be able to view the buyer’s request as paid and submit a bid. There should also be two kinds of registering roles. Such as Supplier & Buyer. Which types of themes fit this? Thanks. Best regards.

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This is the question I am seeking the answer

Some sort of directory theme will help you out … not specific purpose theme will be found but close one to help you out …

hello, i can help you

I can make theme for you which will full fill your these requirements

There are many WordPress themes to create business listing websites. But you can not modify or custom design those themed websites.

I have been using many B2B sourcing sites like Alibaba, E360, DirectIndustry. all these are custom designs.

But still, there are some WordPress themes you may use like Directory+, Listyfy, MyListing etc.

Please study E360. It will give you a better idea about a custom website and a website built on a Wordpress theme for listing or directory features.