Looking for WordPress theme bootstrap 3 for AutoTrader Website

I am looking for a WordPress theme compatible with Bootstrap 3, Responsive, Multi language with many functionalities that will help me to create a Car sales websites for individuals and dealers to list their cars.
I will have my own API so maybe even a blank template would be a good fit since I have developer and designer in house. Also, maybe a freelancer can help me if there is any customised template that is flexible and appropriate for my case.

Thank you in advance


You can choose this one:

Thanks a lot, but i have few questions

  1. Which bootstrap version supports
  2. Does it support multiple languages?
  3. Does it support customizations, after future updates will not break?

I think there is misunderstanding, this is HTML5 Template. I thought you’re going to build yours own API Development.
Anyway, your answers are-

  1. Bootstrap v3.3.6
  2. For Static Websites, it supports Unicode means any Language Supports.
  3. It has Customizability on sections.


Hello, so this is not a WordPress theme?

No, it’s HTML5 Template. I was misunderstood. Sorry.