Looking for Wordpress plugin quiz : user to user


I’m looking for a Wordpress plugin who’s work like this :

  1. ADMIN of the website create a quiz/test available for USERS (no admin)

  2. USER A send this quiz/test to her friends USER B and USER C (available X days). If a friend is not user of the website, an invitation to register is sent by mail.

  3. USER B and USER C receive a notification by mail + notification in her account website to respond

  4. USER B respond to the quiz/test. USER C not and receive a callback, X days after receive the invitation to respond, by mail and notification in her account website.

  5. USER A can resend or delete the quiz/test for USER C

  6. USER A receive the result by mail + notification in the in her account website, only if USER C respond too, or if the invitation has been deleted by USER A. Because the result is an average of the two results.

  7. USER B and USER C receive her own results by mail + notification in her account website

Someone can help me to find a solution like this?
I hope I was clear in my comment.

Thank you. Regards.

That’s quite specialised - to send invites and scores from a quiz is not that complex but still not a small exercise if you want a bespoke design and build.

However adding that degree of repeat/conditional emails is going to require a (likely expensive) custom build solution.

If you have a realistic budget in mind then I’d suggest checking www.studio.envato.com for a freelancer

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your reply.
I expected that no plugin like this exists, that’s a shame.
I’ll see to do develop.

Thank you again and good day