looking for wordpress feature plugin


I`m wordpress admin and i looking for wordpress plugin that make any user register in my site and after login there is option add order inside it add order details and attach image also there drop down list to select after click save.

this order save in my site also in his account when login to my site can see it can edit or delete.

he can add unlimated orders

and also in wordpress admin contral panel can admin see this all orders and can change his securite setting like stop user edit because we confirm his order or keep it for user full contral, or delete it.

and any user only see when login his orders only not all orders.

please help me to find correct plugin to help me to can prepare it

not know what called I mean correct keyword to google it

waiting answer best regards


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

take a look on this page hope you will find your chosen item



A small try for you