Looking for Wordpress extension that will be similar to Magento one



Hi, I’m looking for a Wordpress extension which will have similar options like this Magento Banner Pro module I’ve found - https://store.plumrocket.com/magento-extensions/banner-pro-magento-extension.html
It shouldn’t be the same, but should count banner clicks and perform A/B testing. Any ideas? Thank you



we can develop such plugin for you how much you gonna pay for this.



Okay, SpyroPress, thanks. I’m interested in the extension that has been already created. Anyway, how much will it cost to develop the extension with the features in the one, I sent the link to? With the count banner clicks and possibility to perform A/B testing. Thank you


Why don’t you use Magento instead of WordPress WooCommerce? It’s really easy to move WooCommerce to Magento in a few simple clicks. You may try a demo here: http://bit.ly/25TKCqJ