Looking for wordpress developer for approved HTML template


I am looking for wordpress developer for my approved HTML template.
Selling 50/50, can help with support

Item name: soundmaster - http://themeforest.net/user/gozawi/portfolio
Direct links:

  1. http://gozawi.com/soundmaster/white_version/main/index.html - white color version
  2. http://gozawi.com/soundmaster/dark_version/main/index.html - dark color version
  3. http://gozawi.com/soundmaster/index.html - all colors

still looking


still looking


still looking


still looking


still looking


still looking


Curious what exactly your looking for? More specifically, why isn’t any of the numerous developers that seem interested working out for you?


Well, apparently this is hard case for me. For my other project I found someone in one week.

For this so far I get:

  • no experience at all
  • good first talk, after that no contact
  • no time for another project (probably copy&paste replies)

Honestly I don’t have high requirements, all I want is:

  • good communication
  • few similar finished projects (don’t have to be this big, but I need to see finished projects)
  • reasonable finish date (4-8 weeks)

and yet is hard to find good fit. [Comment Removed - encouraging sales of items via forums]


It won’t be easy because project is not to small … magazine + blog + shop etc … And WordPress developer will get max 15$ for each sale … more we can make on standard blog … But good luck.

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