Looking for wordpress cost estimate plugin can edit submission

Hi ! I’m working in web agency and we need an efficient and user friendly tool that can estimate a project dynamically. Moreover we want, if we need, edit the submission. For the case our customer wants to modify his project.

Anybody know a plugin to do that ?
Thanks for your help.



As I understand you need some kind of calculator where clients choose their “wishes” and at the end they will see how much will cost?

Not exactly. We need an internal tool for our commercials. For help us to give a cost, an estimation for a web project.
The particularity it’s we need to edit the document after the submission (if the customer decides to change some details or need other functionality).

Hi @ArthurWeb,

If you outline your requirements were can work with you to make a script which fulfills you’re need.

With your help see can develop a tool.